As a woman in business for many years, I am more than familiar with the challenges and problems faced by those trying to succeed and make their way in the business world. Women have always faced challenges when trying to climb the career ladder and succeed and the recent economic issues have certainly played their part in adding to this frustration.

Irish Tatler has long been associated with promoting and recognizing the work and importance of women in business. Every issue of Irish Tatler has a section dedicated to this area and 3 years ago we launched its sister publication, Irish Tatler Business which addresses issues that matter to women in business, and features the list of Ireland’s 1000 most influential women. Over the past 3 years I have sent this list onto countless business leaders who bemoan that there are not enough senior women in Ireland suitable for board positions.

During my career I have been invited to speak at many conferences, with the hope of inspiring the women attending. At every conference I am completely amazed by the talent, creativity and sheer determination of the women I have met. Two years ago I ran a business clinic once a month where I personally got to meet many female entrepreneurs who were all striving to make their business idea a reality. What has struck me in doing all this is that many women feel they have nowhere to turn for advice and no role models to emulate.

I feel now more than ever that we need to celebrate great women in Ireland from all different areas of life and ensure that women have inspirational female role models to learn from. The women I meet on a daily basis are all determined to succeed, whether that is through moving up the next career ladder in a corporate environment, starting up their own business or expanding their business to a bigger level. All they need is advice and support from those that have made it to the top.

For some time now it has been my goal to bring together the women I meet and provide them with a thought provoking, inspiring environment where they can come together and learn from inspirational women who have travelled the very road they are on.  I am thrilled that my goal has finally been accomplished in the annual Irish Tatler Business Academy which was launched in May 2013.

Our 2016 event is coming soon – click here to stay in touch.

– Norah Casey