Norah’s Traveller Academy RTÉ 2

The Other Side of the Story – watch this powerful video about life as a young Traveller in Ireland

Norah Casey’s first summer job at 16 was selling continental quilts for a Traveller boss. Since then she has admired Traveller’s business skills and entrepreneurial drive.  In this new series Norah is mentoring four young Traveller women in the world of business. She is giving them access and insights, developing their skills and hopefully helping them succeed in their new business ventures.

The women Norah has picked to work with (all twenty-somethings) have very different skills yet all have bags of determination and drive. Ann-Rose spends as much time as she can altering and up styling clothes for Traveller girls and women at home on her kitchen table. Tracie is a  journalist who works for The Voice of the Traveller magazine. Leanne studied Fine Art in The Crawford College or Art and Design in Cork (only 1% of Travellers go on third level education). And Christine has a qualification in gel and acrylic nails and wants to set up a mobile glamour unit.

Norah is determined to help all these young women set up their own businesses, that will function and operate both within, and even more challengingly, outside their own community. Her ambition is great for them, but so too is her business knowledge, conviction and contact list!

Norah’s Traveller Academy is groundbreaking Irish television, where we are genuinely seeing into the lives of these young ambitious Traveller women and their journey to creating viable businesses in a country where they still experience prejudice and exclusion.

Media Coverage for Norah’s Traveller Academy

Norah’s Traveller Academy trended on twitter from the first episode with an overwhelmingly positive reaction on social media, press, radio and television. The programme changed the lives of four women but also changed perceptions about Travellers in Ireland.