Norah’s weekly show MindFeed was broadcast every Sunday on Newstalk 106-108 FM

 The show was one hour of Sunday morning brain-stretching starting at 10am. Each week Norah scanned the twittersphere and wandered round the weird wide web to bring listeners the things you may have missed. A quirky selection of news bites from the world of geeks, science, inventions and sometimes outer space. You were guaranteed to learn something you never knew, never thought you knew…perhaps never wanted to know. Plenty of food for thought to stimulate the grey matter.

In the Hot Seat…


Every week Norah did a one to one interview with a guest with an interesting mind…delving into the inner reaches of the brain to discover what makes him or her special, talented or famous. A selection of her top interviewees appears in her book Spark – click here to read more about them and link to the interview,


The Social Experiment with the MindFeed Panel

Norah conducted her own Social Experiment as part of the show where she asked a series of thought provoking question to an eclectic MindFeed Panel. In the mix were a politican (Joan Burton), a comedian (Jennifer Maguire), footballer and manager (Roddy Collins), a 12 year old (Casey O’Halloran), a taxi driver from Dublin (hard rock lover Ray), a restaurant owner from Cork (Sandra Murphy), a graduate from Meath (Jack Casey), a priest (Rev Alan Hilliard Chaplain at DIT), the scientist (Dr Arlene O’Neill The Crann Institute, Trinity).

Each week the panel answered one of the questions…an interesting insight into how age, work, gender, geographical location might influence how we feel.  Each week she posted the week’s MindFeed Panel question on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using the best  responses on air during the show.Test your own answers to the questions below.

Typical MindFeed Questions

    1. What would be your last supper?
    2. If I had a million dollars…if money was no object what would you be doing with your life?
    3. You’re going to be adrift on a desert island for three months and you can take one person that is not a member of your family or a friend who is it going to be?
    4. The house is on fire and you can save just one item?
    5. If you go back in history who would you like to meet?
    6. If you can have super-powers what would they be and why?
    7. If you knew today was your last day on earth how would you spend it and why?
    8. What is the biggest lesson life has taught you so far?
    9. What are you most grateful for?
    10. What is something you know you do differently from most people?
    11. If you were invisible for a day what would you do?
    12. If you weren’t who you are who would you be…if you could be any other person?
    13. What did you want to be when you were younger?
    14. What’s the best advice you have ever received?
    15. What’s the biggest mistake you made and what have you learned from it?
    16. What’s the one thing people don’t know about you?
    17. Who’s your hero?
    18. What was the happiest moment in your life so far and why?
    19. What’s the song that makes you want to jump up and dance?
    20. What music evokes the strongest memories – makes you cry, remember and laugh?
    21. What’s your favourite movie of all time?
    22. You can fly anywhere in the world – where’s it going to be?
    23. What’s your bugbear – irritates you the most – gets your goat?
    24. Tell us the book you loved the most – inspired you, engrossed you?
    25. When you’re feeling blue how do you cheer yourself up…movies, music, hair, clothes?
    26. If you were an animal what would you be..?

From Our Own Correspondent..

Newstalk’s presenters and reporters spend their days immersed in news delivering the top stories every day…but what do they really think about some of the issues they’re covering or something perhaps that didn’t get the attention it deserves. Each week MindFeed gave them some airtime to give you their two cents worth and in their own words!

Mind Candy

After all that hard work and brain stretching Norah finished the show each week with the top response on social media to listeners favourite laugh-out-loud movie moment. Because laughter is good for the mind!