Planet Woman Academy

Many years ago, when I was younger and more idealistic about life, I read an extraordinary essay that changed my whole view of the world.


Ireland’s Female Leadership Conference


Pioneering a new narrative

From the outset The Planet Woman Academy pioneered a new approach to learning. Plasticity is central to The Academy as successive alumni of this unique event will testify.

Nearly two thousand women have attended The Academy and have been transformed and inspired by the experience.

To trigger real change in women, to motivate them and inspire them to overcome their internal barriers and take that first step towards fulfilling their true potential calls for a far deeper engagement than the lectures, speeches and presentations that personify a typical business conference. From the outset The Academy offered a different experience. Real conversations with real women about how they achieved success in the corporate, political, public, professional or entrepreneurial world.

Through this format their influence and engagement is more powerful, and real change occurs because women in the audience are moved to action. The core of many of those conversations are the personal anecdotes and experiences that women tell about how they charted a course through their own career path. Which is why we are dedicating the next Planet Woman Academy to storytelling.

He For She

At Planet Woman we believe in the power of men and women working together to achieve gender diversity which is why you will also hear from men during the Academy.

For too long women’s conferences were only about women talking to women. The 5th Planet Woman Academy is a positive dynamic forum where women and men come together to address an issue that is vital for organisations, the economy and wider society.

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