I started my first programme in 2011 (Dragons’ den season 3), since than I have been apart of 8 TV shows, most of them involving business and business consulting with interesting twists, for instance the takeover, where the staff take over the company for a few weeks, I help them by giving advice, I’m planning on doing a new TV show involving biomimicry. During my time on TV I’ve worked in RTÉ 2 mainly but I’ve done programmes in other stations such as RTÉ 1, outside of Ireland I have done a programme in Scotland, I feel that it was like a home from home as I was studying there during my nursing career. As of now there is the traveller academy which has just finished, I enjoy getting people with business ideas who have need to get off the ground or need to get back on its feet, that’s what inspired me to do a lot of the programmes but for the traveller academy I did it to help a community which gets more hate and anger towards them than anyone else in Ireland, there are 30,000 of them in Ireland and 99% of them are unemployed because of the hate (yes there are those who are “typical” traveller but not all of them and there are people in the settled/country people ).